Go Back To The Zoo really nailed it and became the winner of this battle in the big finale of the Red Bull Soundclash 2014! SKIP&DIE were also awesome and the crowed was amazing, they voted for their favorite band by screaming and clapping, which was measured by a decibel meter. The host of the evening was Ron Simpson.ROUND 1: ‘the cover’
Each band performs an own version of the big hit from Mr. Probz. ‘Waves’, after two votes they scored a tie with an even amount of decibels.

ROUND 2: ‘the take over’
The bands were challenged to take over in the middle of the song that they are playing at the moment. The winner of this round was SKIP&DIE.

ROUND 3: ‘the clash’
Both bands got the chance to play own songs in all kinds of music styles: classic to bollywood, it was all good. The winner of this battle was GO BACK TO THE ZOO.

ROUND 4: ‘wild card’
In the final round SKIP&DIE made the crowed go wild by introducing DEF RHYMEZ. But GO BACK TO THE ZOO took the victory by giving the crowed a high-end music performance with ‘Head up high’ featuring JUNGLE BY NIGHT.

Congratulations to GO BACK TO THE ZOO for winning the Red Bull Soundclash 2014!

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More info: http://www.redbullsoundclash.nl

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