The style of Dutch artist Parra (Pieter Janssen, 1976) is recognisable, absurdist, playful and ironic. Parra’s work is characterised by modern ‘post-Pop’ drawings with vibrant colours and quirky typography. His world contains hybrid, bizarre and surreal figures – men with bird heads and voluptuous women with sensual bodies – combined with texts that range from sarcastic and introvert to ironic and ludicrous. Valued and popular among experts, Parra rapidly developed to become a well-known and creative image maker designing special editions for established brands and exhibits his art all over the world.

The ‘PARRA’ exhibition highlights the diversity of his work, featuring posters and paintings on canvas in addition to flyers, book covers, album covers, sneakers and skateboards. Attention is also given to his other activities, such as the Le Le group, of which Parra is a member together with co-producer Rimer London and Faberyayo.

Exclusively for this exhibition at the Kunsthal, Parra will be creating a 25 by 6 metre mural in Hall 3. Parra previously painted an enormous mural entitled ‘Weirded Out’ at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This 20-metre-long work, was nominated for the Rotterdam Design Prize in 2013.

We went on tour along side Mo Manager to check out this expo of his close friend ‘Piet Parra’ and made some pictures, check them out.

The expo is now officially open for public until the 7th of June 2015. Be sure to check out his amazing work.

For further information, please go to www.byparra.com

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