The Wolfpack Society was invited again to witness this one of a kind festival. Luckily the weather was quite nice with some bits of rain here and there but that didn’t stop the crowed from enjoying this mayhem of madness. This is truly a unique festival where nothing is impossible and everybody is one, it all comes together on this special day and it’s beautiful to see so many different ‘packs’ of friends & family.

This year’s theme, wie je ook tent/whatever you stent for revolves around fraternization, a peace-loving melting pot of cultures, styles and sexualities that welcomes everyone. A colorful mixture of diverse tents were present on the NDSM-area. Beautiful and divers stages like the Dentist AssisTent, the PoTent, the 1 Nice Tent and many more variaties. Whoever you are, whatever your beliefs, we come together to celebrate the diversity and richness of life – with a decent amount of humor, that is.

We want to congratulate the organization on yet another successful edition. The Wolfpack always enjoys Valtifest as one of the best festivals that we have been visiting. Keep up the good work.

Special thanks to Jan Te Bont / Sayori for making this possible.

Check out the pictures that we took and we hope to see you all next year again!

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