Habbekrats casting ‘Bij wij, eindig ik’

Habbekrats is a creative film company flourishing at the intersection of cinema, advertising and contemporary culture. They live to make film, know how to sell it and love to see it becoming part of something greater. They are based in Amsterdam, but consider the world as their playground. One of their latest movie: Wolf, was a great success and won many awards.

They are organizing a mega casting for their new movie ‘Bij wij, eindig ik’.
This film tells an intense story of eight young persons who will test their boundaries caused by boredom and curiosity. What starts with friendship, mischief and innocent play, rapidly goes out of control and eventually ends with crime and exploitation of their own sexuality and that of others.

This is an open casting call for everyone between 16 and 20 years and Habbekrats is looking for 10 persons for this movie! This is a great opportunity to become part of something special. Are you that person or do you know someone?

More info: www.bijwijeindigik.nl

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