Groove Fest – Party in the Dominican Republic Paradise

Now with a global reputation for being far and above the most relaxing, tropical and magical musical gathering of them all, Groove Fest is not your normal festival experience. It is a luxury dance music event spread across a whole week in the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic at Puerto Plata’s all inclusive and premier vacation resort.

Between September 6th and 13th 2015, Groove Fest will bring the biggest and best DJs, artists and labels together at the luxurious all-inclusive resort for a week-long festival of the best in dance music.

Unlike Ibiza where a bar bill could pay for another holiday, or a festival in where you are swimming in mud, at Groove Fest the experience is unique and boutique, the setting is breathtaking and all around you are mountains and lush vegetation, all cooled by breezes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Once you get to Groove Fest all food, drink and entrances are included, so once you’re there it won’t cost you a thing to enjoy world class open-air events, beach parties, pool parties, boat parties and clubs. You can also enjoying diving and water skiing, swimming and surfing and a whole other range of activities asides from maxing and relaxing on the beach and dancing to the underground beats.

Groove Fest is a throwback to a bye gone era where everyone is part of the experience. You will be having dinner next to the DJs, dancing with them on the dance floor, going back to villa parties that are like house parties hosted by your favourite artists. It is an environment where the only star is the music.

Groove Fest is more than a festival. It is a luxury music holiday you will remember forever.

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